Note about download speed limits, file sizes and typical download times

The links to the various video clips on the site link to files each of ca. 1 - 10 MBytes or more. Most stills images are in the range 500KBytes - 2.4Mbytes (although generally I provide a small thumbnail which can be used to download the full image if so desired). If you have a slow internet link then I have provided a brief description of the content of the movie clips to help you decide if you want to download the file or not.

The limiting factor on this end is a 448kbps upload speed. If you are on broadband then the upload speed this end is likely to be the limiting factor, as most likely it will be less than your download link speed. If however you are on a dial-up link then that dial-up link (typically 56kbps) will mean you never even get close to the uplink speed this end.

As a rough guide, and considering the uplink speed limitation on this end, then typical download times will be:

For more details see the calculations Excel table where the typical rates for various upload/download rates and file sizes are listed.